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The Chairmans Winter Challenge

For the winter season, we will be holding five different inter club competitions, these competitions will be handicap based that will give everyone an even chance to win.

October will start the season with the Portsmouth round, a great way to ease into shooting indoors.
November will be the WA18 round, this is due to it coinciding with our indoor record status competition.
December we have a short month with limited shooting time so the Bray is ideal, 30 arrows at 20 yards a great quick round to shoot.
January is a slow month with everyone getting over the joys of Christmas so the Worcester is ideal, no bright colours to look at with a black and white target.
February will be the Vegas round, save the hardest for last, this can be a difficult round but an extremely rewarding round to shoot.

How does the handicap system work?

We take your personal best score for the round, then subtract it from the maximum score for that round, this is then your handicap. You shoot the round then add your handicap which then gives you the Chairman’s Round score.

As an example, I have a Portsmouth Compound personal best of 553 which gives me a handicap of 47, if I then shoot a 555 score and add the handicap it will give me a total of 602.

One of our members has a Portsmouth recurve score of 474 so his handicap is 126, if he then shoots a 477 it would give him a total score of 603 so they would beat a compound.

A longbow member has a Portsmouth score of 381 giving them a handicap of 219, they could then shoot a 400 and have a total score of 619 and possibly the overall winner for the month.

The indoor score sheets have been adjusted to show the handicap, this way your normal round score can still be used for classifications. Complete the scoresheet (download here) as normal and then complete the Chairman’s H/C with your handicap score and then the total will be the round score and the handicap. As per the example below the official score is 555 then the handicap of 47 gives a Chairman’s round score of 602.


How will you determine the personal best score?

Your personal best will be determined from last year’s score, if you don’t have a score for the round you need to shoot it twice on the month prior to the round, so for shooting the Bray in December you need to shoot it in November so that we have a personal best score from you.

How will each month run?

You don’t need to enter or do anything different, just shoot the round that is appropriate for the month, you can shoot it as many times as you wish and enter your highest score for the month. At the start of the month I can inform you of your handicap, shoot your round and score as normal under standard rules, at the end of the round add your handicap to your score and pass your score sheet to me, it is that simple. But I will only accept the first score sheet you give me, so make sure it is a good one!

In the case of a draw I have a number of fiendishly different ways to determine the winner in as fair a way as possible, you will find out this if there is ever a draw.


Standard rules of shooting apply, the sighters are as per the round, you must not score your own arrows, couples are not allowed to score each other’s arrows.
You may shoot a double round of any round but only the first score is acceptable.
Those shooting multiple bow types may only enter one score per month, it is up to you to choose which one that is.



Upcoming events

  • 21 Nov 2018 6:00 PM
    Fakenham Academy
  • 22 Nov 2018 8:00 PM
    Fakenham Sports & Fitness Centre
  • 25 Nov 2018 9:00 AM
    Fakenham Sports & Fitness Centre, Trap Lane, Fakenham, NR21 9HL
  • 28 Nov 2018 6:00 PM
    Fakenham Academy

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